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Welcome to training website.

We are an approved NCCCO Test Site and our examiners are all accredited and certified by the (NCCCO) National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.

Training and Testing:

CE's complete training curriculum includes classroom preparation covering complex load charts, operating procedures, rules and regulations for operating mobile and tower cranes, simulators for both tower and mobile cranes, hands on training and NCCCO Testing and Certification. We offer standard classes that are 1 to 4 weeks, as well as custom tailored training as desired.

CE's complete training facility simulates a real construction site, where students will learn the operating skills and techniques required to become a professional crane operator.

CE training will include: the safe selection and use of rigging, proper load attachment to the cranes and correct hand and radio signals. Students will learn how to lift light and heavy loads and placement of these loads at predetermined locations. The CE training curriculum includes concrete bucket placement, wall form rigging/lifting/setting, steel column and beam erection. Classes include boom and jib assembly training and operation of both friction and hydraulic cranes.

CE holds Safety as a number one value. It is our goal to instill this value in every person who attends our training facility; allowing our students to bring safe operating practices to the workplace.

Available Training Cases:

  • NEW Freestanding, cab operated Potain tower crane: tallest standing training tower crane used in the country with maximum height and boom jib operating configuration.
  • Fixed Cab National, Elliot, National and Pioneer Boom Truck up to 30 tons
  • Link Belt and Grove Hydraulic Truck and RT Rough Terrain Cranes from 40 to 75 tons.
  • We also have available Truck and AT Liebherr, Tadano and Terex Cranes.
  • Terex American 110 Ton Hydraulic Lattice Crawler, 250 Link Belt Lattice Crawlers Crane
  • 165 Ton American and Lorain Friction Lattice Truck Cranes.

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CE employs trainers with major offshore and land based rigging and crane operating experience. Our trainers have gained national attention; one having been nominated in 2008 as one of the Top Trainer in the Crane Hotline Magazine Top Trainer Awards and voted Top Professional Trainer in 2009.

CE will prepare you to take both the NCCCO Written and Practical Exams for every certification available. Call 602-570-4233 today and inquire about our different class packages and pricing (which can include hotels and transportation). 
See one of your Trainers Resume and Owners below.

Top Trainer Finialist Named for Award - By Crane Hotline Magazine

Click here to  the 2009 Top Professional Trainer Article in Crane Hot Line Magazine!  Ronnie Gray, named for award!

Classes include:

• Rules and Regulation in OSHA CFR 1926.550, 1910.180, B30.3, B30. 5 and more.
• Manitex Boom Truck, Grove RT, Link Belt HC 238 & Manitowoc 777 Lattice Truck, Manitowoc 888 Crawler, Self- Erect / Freestanding Tower Crane Load charts.
• Crane set up, from boom extension, jib, blocks revving.
• Concrete bucket placement, standing columns, walls to setting structural steel.
• Speed load control in various situations.
• Crane signals, cable wire and rope slicing and rigging techniques.
• Crane simulator and much more.
• Both NCCCO Written and Practical Exams.
• All 5 NCCCO Certifications.

How Should You select your Training Facility?

You value your time and money - Students MUST ask the right questions about the training facilities to consider.

What Experience do the Trainers Offer?

Trainers should have:

  • 10 or more years’ experience in training and instructing students in crane and rigging operations
  • NCCCO Examiner Certification
  • Practical field experience on each crane types you intend to be trained on.
What types of Cranes are available for training?

  • Currently inspected and certified cranes
  • Newer technology equipment (ask for the specific list of equipment YOU will train on before selecting a training facility)
  • Boom Trucks should be 27 tons or larger and have jib extensions for training
  • Hydraulic Truck and RT Cranes should be 60 tons or larger and have jib extensions for training
  • Tower Cranes should stand over 135’ hook height and have 150’ of boom or more attached for training
  • Lattice Boom Cranes should be at least 100 tons or more with at least 150’ of working boom attached as well as jib extensions available for training.

Crane Exam, LLC meets all these requirements and more. Contact us to discuss your future in Crane Operating.

Ronnie Gray
Owner & Trainer

Crane Exam, LLC
16609 S. 14th St
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Crane Services Offered:
• Mobile Crane Rental.
• Tower Crane Rental.
• Self Erect Tower Cranes.
• Material Hoist.
• Rigging Attachments.
• Crane Technicians & Inspections.
• Crane Erection/Dismantle.

Training & Certification Services Offered:
• NCCCO Training & Certification.
• Training - Mobile Cranes.
• Training - Tower Cranes.
• Training – Rigging.
• Training – Signalperson.

Other Services:
• Crane Accident Investigations.
• Crane Expert Witness Testimony.
• Crane Consultant.

Call and Schedule

NCCCO Rigger and Signalperson Training and Certification.

• 3 Day Class.
• Classroom/Hands on Training.
• Both Written and Practical Exams
• Rigging Class Day 1.
• Signalperson Class Day 2.
• NCCCO Written and Practical Exams Day 3.

NCCCO Written and Practical Exams.

• Mobile Crane Written and Practical.
• Tower Crane Written and Practical.
• Rigger/ Signalperson Written and Practical.

Call: 602-570-4233

Ronnie Gray (President and Operating Partner)

·          Ronnie has over 35 years experience in the crane industry, 18 of those years overseas. With 8 current certifications and accreditations as both operator and examiner. He has supervised operated and rigged picks from 1500 to 2000 tons (4 million pounds) from the 1970’s to the 1990”s. His experience on land and in the North Sea, Atlantic & Pacific Ocean, Java Sea and the Gulf of Mexico understands how to maintain and operate every type of crane. His resume includes the recovery of the Space Ship Challenger to working on the 2 of the biggest oil field blow outs offshore ever along side people like Red (Wildcat Fighter) Adair.

·          It is Ronnie’s goal to pass on some of the skills and knowledge to the student seeking a new career or to improve the skills of current crane operators.

National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators ( NCCCO ) CraneExam Inc., "fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of
Crane Operators ( NCCCO ), and will prepare candidates for the CCO tests."

Tower Crane Erection & Dismantling

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Magic Adjustable Super Arm solution for lifting raw materials. 
Magic Concrete Bucket with a concrete pump function.

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